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Privity provides customized security and privacy consulting and compliance assessment services for a wide range of industries, including: retail, government, financial, insurance, large enterprise / corporate, transportation, higher education, health care, telecommunications, tourism, and many more. We provide tailored security packages that are designed specifically to meet the compliance requirements of the industries that our clients operate in.

For example, a large retail customer may be focusing on PCI DSS, but if they’re publically traded, they may also have to concern themselves with Sarbanes Oxley or Bill 198. In case of IT Service Providers supplying their services to the US Government, there may also need to be considerations related to FISMA in addition to other compliance standards pertaining to both countries.

The privacy regulations with which your company must comply will depend both on the physical location of your operations as well as the industry in which your company operates. Privity will work with you to make sure your privacy obligations and compliance requirements are met across all platforms and all legislations.